How to write official letter in english

Writing a letter is not easy.  It is up to a love letter, letter of permission does not go to school because of illness, other permits, and so forth. I remember how my parents always frowned when I have to write a letter of permission for their children.  Correspondence requires its own expertise, even more so to make a formal letter. Secretary is not as easy task as it appears on the surface.

An official letter has a certain format, and require the use of specific sentences such as introductory and closing sentences, sentences of thanks, apologies, requests, and various other types of sentences.  In my mother tongue it is often overwhelmed, imagine my suffering when required to write a letter in English.  The process must be met to write, erase, write, and delete, look - see sample letter, check the dictionary,and finally cried out.... I hate writing letters!

And the fact is brothers and sisters, I am not the only one who has to wrestle with words and sentences each should write a letter.  Some of my colleagues would often complain when it must send a formal letter and it is important to people who are not known. we  used to work and write together.  Advise each other sentences should be used.

So is it important for us to be able to write a formal letter?  My answer is: Yes, it is very important.

In my work over the years, I often have to deal with correspondence. Not only you must write, but also you must receive and reply to various letters.  I'm frankly quite surprised when they received letters can not be said that official, even more polite. it is clear that the purpose of the correspondence is in a fairly formal framework. Those usually who wrote about this beautiful are those who are not native speakers.

Here are some tips that will help your letter have great impact:

1. First Tip:
Always use introductory phrases and greetings that cover standard.
To just use the introductory sentence: Dear Mr or Dear Ms.
If we do not know who will receive the letter, such as sending to the email public address, an agency could use Dear Madam or Dear Sir,

To greet the cover, I most enjoy using Sincerely yours, it is very polite. But if such correspondence had been going over and over again with the same people, we can use Best regards, or simply, Best wishes.

2. Second Tip
Do not forget to say thanks in end of sentences usually cover my pledge: I am looking forward to hearing from you.  Thank you very much.
This sentence tells the recipient of the letter if we wait for an answer on our request in a letter, and we say many thanks in advance. Is it not very polite ?

To say thanks in general, we can also use: Thank you for your kind.

3. Third Tip:
Ask more politely. The trick is easy once, simply by using a patterned sentence: I would be very grateful if you Could. Just fill the dots with a petition that wanted to put forward. Polite and go directly to the destination or It would be most appreciated. If you could Fill in the dots with the demand.

4. Fourth Tip:
Never use abbreviations, symbols replace words, or words that non - formal nuances.
So write it is, Do write like common writing by using the number 4 for ( I once received a letter that using this. Almost fell off the chair it seems ) or for you, and write thank you properly.

 5. Fifth Tip:
Write the name completely.  If you can put affiliate under the name. The signature is very important, especially when we write a letter in our capacity as an employee of a particular office.

 6. Sixth Tip:
Use capital letters and punctuation properly. Lowercase letters are cute, but the letter is more important shows our ability to use grammar properly, rather than showing us who love the uniqueness of the soul.

If we use these quick tips to use a sample letter on above, then the result becomes as follows:

Dear Madam or Sir,

I am X, from Y. I am interested in Z.
I would be very grateful if you could inform me the application deadline and eligibility. I wonder if you could also send me the application form. If it is not possible, I would be thankful if you could inform me where I can find it.
I am looking forward to hearing from you. Thank you very much.
Sincerely yours,

What do you think about it?  It's different, right????
Keep on shorting and copying of correspondence for future reference.but more formal and polite.The recipients of the letter.

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