How to Write Order Letter ?

Probably, the most common use of business letter is to order goods and materials. It is important that letter clearly state the exact name of the price, the amount of payment, and merchandise being sent.The scope should include only the information needed to fulfill the order. When you write order letter your intentions need to be clear and concise.The recipient will fill your order only according to your instructions. The objective of an order letter is to clearly inform to the recipient that you are making a purchase. Generally, The order letters contains some details of the products to order.Order letters are very important in any many business field. 

Here is the following format of order Letter:

Ms. Nicole Anderson         [ Sender Name]
Beller Company, Inc          [ Company Name]
445 Highbury Park            [ Street Address]
London 33056                   [ City,Zip Post Code]

Dear Ms. Anderson:          [Recipient Name]
Thank you for sending your catalog so promptly, It arrived within a few days of my request. 

Please send me the following items by parcel post:        [ Salutation]
     1.  Copy Emnet and Mulen.                                              [ Body of Letter] 
          High School Alegbra    @ $ 14            $   14
     2.   25 Copies pinehurst.
           Plane Geometry  @ $ 10                    $ 250 
                                                     Total:       $ 264 
    I am enclosing a money order for $ 264. If there are additional charges. Please let me to know.Please mail the books to the address given above or contact me at xxxxxxx at your convenience.                                                                       [Closing of Letter] 

Very truly yours, 
                                                                [ Signature]

[Your name]                                                  
[Company name]

Be sure to enclose the remittance, seal the envelope, and place a stamp on it before mailing the letter.

 Picture: Order Letter

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