Can You Handle a Dictionary?

       A dictionary will become animated and absorbing if you work with it actively. By actively I mean, that you should underline the words or phrases you had to look you up when you translating something. Use for this purpose a red and a blue pencil. Put also a dot in the margin( I'll come to the function of this dot in minute).
       The advantage of these colored lines is that your eyes will always be attracted  by them while you are again hunting for another difficult word of unfamiliar expression. these underlinings will arrest your attention for a single second and before you know your repeat for yourself that particular word or phrase. The more underlinings the better you gain.
       Another advantage of all these lines is that you get the pleasant feeling of having come across during you study, a lot of word you become conscious of beginning to know something. You are even inclined to start reading your dictionary for fun of the drawing more lines. well, go ahead. It is your dictionary and study if you become fond of this game. I would suggest to have a crack at the " Labyrinth" of English words. Some of you will feel spoil to use this method but well your dictionary meant for mere display in the bookcase. On the contrary! It is one of your tools. So that, use it as much as often. Therefore, The more worn out  your dictionary looks. The Better, it is a clear indication that you have frequently handled it. And that you have no doubt removed some of its tremendous wealth to the pigeonholes of your memory. The memory of riches to your own quarters is always pleasant and in this case is even lawful.     

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