Football is my great sport

 HEY Everyone.....

 I am a male with 25 years old right now. I fond of playing football and even always some football matches which are usually broadcasted live from local TV station, Some years ago, even I used to played football with my friends in my Region. I played with them in early afternoon at 3 pm till finished. Right now, I never play it because I am very busy with my activates so that I never play football anymore with my friends. I like playing football because football is one of great sport in the world I think. besides, Football is inexpensive sport. You can only need a ball to play it. Moreover, It's very exciting sport, there are a lot of action during the game. and it's healthful sport. everyone can play it either men, women, young or even old people. furthermore it can played in indoor or outdoor games. Once again I consider Football is great sport in the world. 

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