How can I enlarge my english vocabulary

The answer to this question is of course by reading English books, stories or even watching and listening to the music and film from aboard as much as possible. Now, you will say it is rather difficult for you to do it. But, Have you tried it before? Honestly and truly? Remember you will find book with simple stories.

Moreover Many of them provide with notes, So that you need not use with your dictionary all time. While you read When you have selected such a book with a simple stories, Sit down please in easy chair and read some stories till the end. Never mind and ignorance the difficult word you find in the story, Don't you look them up in the dictionary yet. when you sit in the easy chair you read for reading's sake and not for all the difficult words. while you are reading you will discover that is an important discovery even new words. after all, it is not so difficult to follow the drift of the story.
That is an important discovery. from that moment onwards you will find more pleasure in reading English. That is, after all, The primary object of studying foreign languages. Namely, to be able to read the books in those languages what is the next step? well, now you look at the underlined words. there are probably many more,Don't worry!!! Write some of them down in a special writing book. Mind only some of them. Let's say: Ten ( Don't take thirty or forty). Then you look up their meanings  in the dictionary and write them down , together with the sentences in which difficult words occur. you can much better remember a difficult words in a sentence than in a row words especially when the sentences appeals to you.

The best way to enlarge your vocabulary is of course reading English as much as possible. you may be bit annoyed and bored with hearing this over and over again. you may argued that, even this stage of your study. the ready of English novel is still too difficult. Moreover it is extremely tiresome when you have to consult your dictionary for every other words. what to do this? Learn as many words as possible before hands? But the learning of rows and rows of words is tedious and in away, waste energy. It is very hard for most of us to remember a difficult words by it self. Here is the best way. when you come across a word you don't know, while turning over the leaves of an English and American magazines. Write down the whole sentence in which that word used. then consult to your dictionary and forget the word. But you will no doubt remember the sentence or part of it. Anyway, you have a mind that you are studying a language, you are gathering knowledge and "THERE IS NO ROYAL ROAD TO KNOWLEDGE." There is a possibility however, to make this road more interesting. Here are suggestions. The first is to write down the title of popular songs. their opening lines or some other nice parts of them. and the second is to collect the titles of film. Hopefully, this suggestions are useful for you who want to study English...Good Luck for Studying English.  

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