It's has been long journey life

Graduated from vocational school in June 2003

Began to continue in Stikubank University, Semarang, Indonesia in July 2003
Studying there for three years to graduated and get Diploma degree of English department in September 2006 I feet to be pleased and proud with my academic achievement 

I ever worked at a company for almost 2 years and got anything from that company such as: experience, challenge, and many more...
 I resign from that company in order to get a development life unfortunately I did not get from that company. 
 I ever also participated a Cruise training and school in 2009 and getting a certificate from three

And last but certainly not least......
Next up on my list of things to do? and don't ever give up!....  in order toget a great job. Wish me luck! ^'_'^

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