Fun Vocabulary Games

Theater (s)
Zoo (s)
Circus (es)
Art Gallery (Galleries)
Gymnastic (s)

Concert (s)

What do you do if you go any places, you are as a visitor, audience?
If you go to the theater, or circus you are the audience.
If you go to a zoo, or art gallery, you're a customer or a visitor.
If you go to a sport or music, you're a customer. 
What do you do if you are there? 

You go to a zoo to watch or look at or see the animals.
You go to the theater to watch a performance or a movie. You can say, "I'm going to the theater / cinema.
You go to a circus to watch the acts.
You go to an art gallery to see an exhibition. 
You go to concert to watch the entertainment. 
You go to gymnastic to take exercise the sports.

All these games is created to help and explore your English capability. Have nice studying English.

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