Best General Strategy for Listening TOEFL Test

TOEFL test

Here is the best general strategy for listening TOEFL test to the section of the understanding of part A, B and c.

1 We have to know about the TOEFL instructions before you do the test. The instructions on each TOEFL test are almost similar, it is not important, hear carefully each time. You should completely know before the day of the test.

2 Carefully listening to conversations and discussions. You concentrate completely on which the speaker talk on the recording, because once only to hear the recording.

3 It is better for you to know where are usually easier and more difficult questions you find during the TOEFL test. Questions are usually begin from simply move difficult in every part of the section, understanding listen.

4. Do not leave blank questions on the answer sheet. Even if you are not sure the answer, you must answer all the questions.

5 Use your best time to check all your questions. When you have finished with a single question, you have to check answers to the next question. 

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