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Perhaps this article has nothing to do with the development of Information Technology, even the very distorted when connected with the development of Microsoft Windows or Microsoft Office and Microsoft SQL Server or Microsoft Exchange.  But by knowing the technique of writing, you can write computer books or articles to be published in the media or blogs.  For that, as a former journalist, contributor and author, I want a little share to a friend's apartment all, hopefully there is a benefit for you.
Imagine if you are asked to paint a house, while you are not at all a reliable painter, can you produce a good painting?

Perhaps the answer is yes if you know the rules of painting.  For example, you should seek from the point of view where the object looks most attractive.  Your impossible to paint from the top because it would not be interesting.  You also impossible to paint from the back because you'll only find high walls.  Maybe you'll see it from the front or side of a much more beautiful.

It's one rule of painting.  Other rules you have to sketch and understand the scale of comparison of objects so that your painting resemble the real objects.

If the rules you obey it, train it again and again, most likely you'll be a nice painting.  Especially if you have talent, you become a skilled painter.

So is the writing.  Although you are not yet proficient penmanship, if you follow the rules, repetitive practice, hone creativity and innovation, the chances of your writing to be beautiful is very open.

So, what kind of rules to become a good writer?  There are at least three elements that must be arranged so that writing becomes beautiful.  Firstly, its content.  Secondly, the way they are presented.  Thirdly, how to write words, sentences, and paragraphs.

Fill Posts

Interesting article should contain the latest information previously unknown to the reader. like form of exposure events.  For example explosions, accidents have claimed many victims, the resignation of officials, the results of sporting events, and so on.

It could also be the results of research and investigation.  For example the discovery of an AIDS vaccine, poll presidential candidate, the error Einstein's relativity theory, the investigation of corruption in the Department of Religion, and so on.

But sometimes the elements present a paper to be difficult to obtain because television has a lot of programs broadcast news.  Almost every day there are television stations that provide information about the latest events.  Even for a very important event, they broadcast it live.

Likewise, the radio and media.  They can display a variety of events in just seconds.  It definitely beat the print media in contemporary terms.

To get around this''defeat''a lot of print media are changing the contents.  Not again highlight the elements present, but the depth of the story.  They describe an incident from different points of view with a different title ***.  Rich in atmosphere and meticulous in observing the details of events.

The aim is to arouse the reader's emotions: empathy to give a''party'' give applause to those who excel, or condemn those who do injustice.

How to serve ( Presentation)

Beautiful writing should be presented in a focused way.  Do not be widened to the side, but should be in down.

How to be the focus of writing?  Choose one angle (angle of view) to one story (the title)!  Then hold on the angle.  Remove the parts that do not relate directly to him.

Then, writing that beautiful should be grooved.  Start by writing the title.  As much as possible the headline made with short sentences, but describes the overall content of the news.  The provision of this title be a determinant of whether readers would be interested to read the news written or not.

After that proceed to write the lead, which is the most important part of what we want to tell.  Lead can be a determinant of whether the reader will continue reading or not.  Do not forget, the lead should contain elements of 5W + 1H: what, where, when, why, who and how.

Readers are busy, it will not stay long to read the news.  The reader will immediately know what the journalist just by reading leads.  Of course, if the reader is still interested in the news, he'll continue reading until the end.  And, the task of journalists continued to provoke the reader to read the news completely.

Furthermore, if we adhere to the inverted pyramid pattern, draw up the storyline based on the importance of the information.  The important part is placed in front, getting back less and less important.  Typically, such patterns are present in''hard news''(spot news).

However, if we adopt a balanced pattern, after the lead, let the story flow on its own without having to be limited what is important and what is not.  Maybe the story line follow the flow of time, stage events, etc..  Typically, such a pattern is found on the feature.

In addition, interesting writing should be presented in full.  That is, all the information that readers want fulfilled.  For example, about the place, sometimes we consider all the reader knows exactly where the location we're told.  Though it is!

Gambir station, for example, for people outside of Jakarta could not quite understand where he stood.  If we complete the information with the phrase,''Not far from Istiqlal Mosque and the monument,''perhaps the reader can imagine where it is, at least for readers who have stopped at two places.

Likewise, the identity of news sources.  Sometimes we just write the name and position in difference. This is less complete.  It would be nice if it also included academic education, physical attributes, his interest, and so on.

However, avoid the impression of long-winded in telling the identity or location of the incident.  Remember, we're not preaching the sources.

In order not to beat around the bush, this identity is used as a substitute when we are forced to name sources repeatedly.

Then, remove the use of cliches.  If the source provides information with cliched phrases, translate the sentence in simple language.  Do not write a sentence like a jargon.  For example,''Corruption will destroy the country.''Who cares with this jargon?

*** Do not assume the reader already knows the background of the events that we tell.  In writing the story we have to assume the reader not already know, although the event continues and has lasted a long time.

However, do not underestimate the reader impressed with the lingering tells the background of events.  Readers will feel patronized''''

In order for the background story can be presented correctly, keep in mind one thing: the article must not confuse people who do not know and should not be too boring people who already know.

Parts of the story is too general, complicated, complex, meticulous, presented in a simple and easy to digest.  The trick, use one to represent the group, or create a metaphor to compare the actual story.  For example, the tragic story of a victim of flooding may be more interesting than the story of the flood itself.  Likewise, complaints of poor health of the residents who live in times Ciliwung, Jakarta, is more easily understood than the harmful substances that exist in the stream.

Do not forget to include a direct quotation in any writing.  Therefore, direct quotations will make writing become more humane.  Direct quotes will help give an idea of ​​the character of the speakers or the surrounding atmosphere.  However, do not be too many direct quotes.  *** Do not be too long.

The correct quote is a quote that is exactly what is spoken by the source.  If the source says "cost 100 silver,''''should not we write it costs USD 100.''Problem, not all sources can speak patterned.  Spoken language is very different from written language.

Therefore, to make a direct quotation remains attractive, but do not be too long, we must choose an excellent resource for speech quoted directly.  The rest, explain in the form of indirect quotation.

Writing Method

Good writing has at least three characteristics.  First, it is easy to understand.  Second is friendly.  And third is accurate.

Firstly, Writing that is easy to understand It is usually clear where it has a subject, predicate, and object, do not use sentences that contains confusing sentences, and whenever possible use the active voice is stronger push for power.

Furthermore, secondly writing should be a friendly. It usually does not contain long sentences and paragraphs. One sentence should consist of 10 to 20 words. Being one paragraph contain enough 2-3 sentence. Remember what was said Ernest Hemingway, winner of Pulitzer in the 1950s to the monumental work The Old Man and The Sea? He said, '' less is more! ''

To test whether the sentences are too long we make it or not, try breathing naturally and then read the sentence. If you have run out of breath while reading the sentence unfinished, it was a sign that you make sentences too long.

Thirdly is accuracy can also ,be a requirement of a good writing. Name of the person, the amount of numbers, time, should not be mistaken. You better check back if you know the doubt from the data one after the article was published. Therefore, the inaccuracies will lose the trust of readers. If confidence is down, obviously the beauty will fade by itself.

If you have the three writing elements above, surely you never have trouble finding material to write.

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