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If you send a thank you note, it is always in a good design - and often expected. I believe that, when you were a kid, your parents pushed you , When you write thank you note for birthday and Christmas gifts. you are as an adult, your writing purpose is to express a thank you  in a number of situations. You are in personal and commercial related:


It is proper to send a thank-you letter:

* After you will receive a gift (particularly, It is important for the gifts of marriage).
* If someone have done a special for you.

Commercial Related

It is appropriate to send a thank-you note:

* After participating in a job interview.
* After receiving a promotion or Payrise.
* After a lunch, dinner or a party.
* After you relation or friend has given you some suggestion and time to you.

Of course, the types thank you note, in a personal letter context (for example: your grandmother) different types that you write in a commercial context (to an interviewer that you hardly know) are clear. It covers the "company" and "personal" notes describing the entire structure separately, and give you an example.

How to write a personal note of thanks
It seems if simply express your gratitude as a good enough reason to write note to thank you, you will enjoy reading these words of advice from Leslie Harpold.

I will also tell you the secret hidden notes thank reluctantly: improve the frequency and quality of the gifts you receive. People as to what that do you for you feeling, evaluate and if they really beautiful things note are rather to give them a performance yet.

Ideally, should your letter on paper rather than by E-mail. If you're e-Mail, please send individual thank you notes as a mass-mailing, all you have given a gift.

In most cases for a personal note it is not appropriate instructions as a formal business letter. Use instead the notebooks of good quality or a nice greeting card.

Structuring a personal thank you

1. You must insert your address above (or if you know that the recipient is already your address have the name of your city and State, simply). Add the date.
2. Address of the recipient as "Love [[name]]", and then open letter with thank you for the gift, hospitality and friendliness offered.
3. Your second sentence or paragraph should give some indication of your enjoyment in using of the gift.
4. A good sentence in the end of paragraph, To see see or talk to the recipient - in particular, if a meeting or a public holiday. "Once again thank you", this is how to express a good idea, highlight the points of writing.
5. You must not end with "Your sincere", but with a less formal expression; "Love"  is often for members of the family, or "best wishes", "best wishes" or even "Thanks again".

Here is an example of thank you note:

September 1, 2005.
Dear Nicole,

Thank you for the wonderful book on the architecture of the 19th century of long Iceland, that you sent me. Not only was the perfect (I have not been able to!), but certainly it will be useful for my studies. Choose the perfect thing ever!
Once again, thank you very much, and I'll talk you soon.


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