Top 10 Things Do not EVER Say During a Job Interview

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During a Job Interview candidates are getting nervous with respect to participate in a  job interview. After very hard work of writing for countless CV, resume and applications, these people hope that they will be many interview,  With some practice and preparation of interview, It is not like with unnecessary job as a mystery or horror. In fact, it can be pleasant, informative and even fun. Furthermore, completion to be exercised you more every interview in art of the interview. Continue to learn job interview, the range of topics and scenarios that you can handle. Then you will gain better prepared his job of your dreams!
There are many different things which should not to say during a job interview, and there are probably more than 10 things not to say. However, 10 of the worst things to say the following are listed. There are also things, that you should not say or questions. In addition, there are some questions that every candidate for employment in an interview questions are simply illegal.
Here are Top 10 THINGS DO NOT EVER SAY during a job interview
1 How much paid work?

Some people ask this question before the interviewer has provided the opportunity, also their first question and it is a big mistake. It seem as if everything that you are after the money is. Wages and salaries are explained in General not in the first interview. You need fully to perhaps three interviews with a single company. If money is discussed, it is to open the interviewer for the company to this topic. If you have want a range of treatments to specify how much money, questions her and no specific amount. Numbers really in your city or state research and with a number of an annual salary of the application first of all, cause how much work you want.

Say that an accountant is 60,000 US dollars per year in your city after five years work. When you apply to become an accountant, you want the scope of the compensation of the State as 32,000 38,000 per year. Or you can use a wider range than the $50.000-$65.000 a year. Make sure that it is a realistic range.
2.What does your company make( or do)?

A candidate for employment must interview the company research for which they want to work in a job with them. Find the company on the Internet to and read as much as you can about them and take notes. Read and try to find the annual report of the company. Your local library will help you to do so.
3. Do not ever use slang words or phrases in your job interview.

The interview is not a casual conversation with friends on a corner of the street or in a salon. It is a formal conversation and requires the use of correct English grammar. Not enough time in an interview for the interviewer know what you're talking about. You should also not have to understand. However, even if they don't understand you, you will be relaxed as disrespectful and also in the interview with slang. You will also sound you are at stake and not to do, you will take seriously good work and the interviewer. Just won't do.
4. What can you do for me. What are the advantages such as such as holidays, promotions and bonuses?
HRD staff and interviewers as candidates for employment with confidence, but may not people who are selfish. The first interview you have with a company is, what you can do for them. They do it one fallen from interviews with them, so keep these questions up to the second interview, or to the interviewer opens the door to this topic. The interviewer asks you, why should the company must hire you, and then can you highlight your talent and contributions, you have to offer. Be prepared to say clearly what specific manner your former employer helped.
5. No saying curse of any kind.

You should never curse, curse, or use any kind of profanity in a job interview. These include the word You do not say not the it say "fucking", "Hell", the word - F, or the n - word. In addition are women, women, and not "the fat"

6. No stereotype language
Refer orientation, nationalities, ethnic groups, race, disability, religion or other variety of slang, disparaging, offensive or other language not to people from other species, sexual. Never.

7. Not criticize, all previous employers.

A former boss disparage or criticize in any way can the interviewer to know that you will be the same for them when you leave the company. Instead, you can tell that you had disagreements with your former employer in the philosophy of the work or styles. To live, not on your response to an employer where things are not so good for you and need to be short.

8. When you are asked if you have any questions, do not you say "No".

Say no, the interviewer stated that you are not very interested in the company and not very intelligent. So clever. If you are the company research before your interview at least three of the company itself during the interview questions. For example questions what they have, develop in the next 10 years of plans or questions which new products and services that she could be examined. It is not the time, the salary and benefits, either.
Interview mistakes to avoid
Why should we hire you?
9. I have no weakness.

You will probably see the strengths and weaknesses, you have. When you say that you do not have the strength and weakness, and the interviewer thinks that you are lying or that you do not intend. Notice that you do not like wasting time on the trivial and are working on is more friendly in the workplace. It indicates that it is a positive "weakness".
10. No telling the whole story of your life.

The interviewer will question you a little about yourself, but it means that,what you went to school, what you have achieved in your study and how your former employer. There may be some information such as your interests, voluntary work are but no tell the whole story on these things,
Finally, no telling about personal problems in a job interview, such as: divorce, your love relationship , bankruptcy, etc.


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