How to Write American Application Letter?

Picture: American Application letter
American application letter basically is purposed to you who you are looking for a job, admission, service etc.
However, you can take part the following format as far as American application letter is involved.
Name of the Sender
Address of the Sender
Name of Recipient,
Name of Department,
Name of Institution,
Dear Sir/Madam,
Sub- Write the relevant subject of the application
First paragraph- in the first paragraph you require to apply for the  applicable thing. For e.g. Job, Admission, etc.
Second Paragraph- what you have worked and the purpose of making this application.
Third Paragraph- Request for the due application consideration and demand for the prompt reply
Saying thank You,
Yours faithfully,
Name of Sender
You can easily do this format of American Application Letter whether you are still making application for the Job, Admission, or any other thing.

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