The top 10 Words to Help Increase Your Vocabulary

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Have you ever tried to find a story itself in interesting words limited, because you don't know what they meant to write? I have... almost every time I write an article. I think that it can be useful if I added a few new words in my vocabulary, and then I could share with you. I have listed 10 words, their meaning and an example of the individual in a set used.

1. Superfluous, make no sense. For example, The first paragraph of the history was clumsy. It is not logical.
2. Fix, humiliated. Example: Lot my despite my notes showed in the whole ceremony.
3 They are higher, over others. For example, The city participated in the outstanding case.
4. Excited. for example: I was lush, when I saw expensive in concert.
5. A place of very steep overhang. for example: The Mountaineer was able to cross the abyss not safely.
6. Friends and relatives. For example, He had no kith or related leaves after her scandalous relationship.
7. Fine sense of smell. For example, it is used for a police shepherd to the drug due to its strong smell and sense.
 8. Funny, to denigrate. Example: with a sarcastic smile she said her husband, she wanted a divorce.
 9. To look at more closely. Example: I began, check the situation exactly after my identity was stolen.

 10  A big gap, the depth distribution. Example: Continuous rivalry of sister caused a deep rift in their relationship.

I hope that the above conditions will improve both your writing and conversation.  Happy studying vocabulary.

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