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If we will write a business letter, it is essential to think that it should be uncomplicated and understand to. Most business letters posses almost more or less an alike features, Here is the following part of business letter writing: Contact Information, salutation, body, closing, and then signature. it is very important that the letter posses a  related information that explain note to the reader about what the letter is look like.

Here is an example of  Business letter
Michael Brown
Accounting Manager
Paradise Villa
3nd Legian Street

Dear Mr. Brown, 

REF: Supply Of Air Conditioner

As order to you, we have arranged to order air conditioner for your company as you had earlier wanted for. We will try to fulfill your demands

The air conditioner is consist of Compressor, Condenser, Evaporator,capillary tube, Strainer (filter ). They are ready for in use as accepted and can be gathered from our delivery section of your choice.

We are going to say gratitude you for attention has given to us and still looking forward to hearing from your organization. 

Yours faithfully,

Nicholas Bale

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