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Business letter is very important, both in terms of communication and legal terms. Many business letters that is looked beautiful, but it turned out to make the reader confused because of the content and objectives are not clearly written, does not even qualify as a legal business letter.

Furthermore, The presence of more modern technology such as telephone and internet, in fact, can not rule out the presence of the letter. the impressions of business letter, which can be used as valid evidence, makes it irreplaceable.
Master the good steps to write good business letters correctly so that you can compete in the competitive business world today. The design and language of business letter you have a big impact with the smooth working and your business. How to meet the standards of modern business letter writing? 

Here are the following the details to write good business letter:

(Contact information of recipient)

Address sender and / or email address

Date of writing business letter

Address of receiver, always in this formats

Full Name of letter sender


Company Name

City, State and Zip code

Dear Mr. /Ms. X: or Sir /Madam (If you do not know the recipient letter)


The body of the business Letter has to be as uncomplicated and to the point, that has more the information aims of your letter. Your business letter formats should be single line and justified to the left.

The first paragraph of the business letter explain the purpose and introduction of business letter.

The middle paragraphs you should tell more information about your request. 

The final paragraph has to explain again your motive that you want to write and finally by saying gratitude to the reader for receiving through your attention request. 

The closing letter might better sound  favorable like: 

Yours truly,

Your name
Name of your company/organization 
A signature marks the end of a business letter

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