Best Sample Email Format

Picture: Sample Email Format

To: (email id of the recipient)

Cc: (Recommended people who would receive the email)


Subject: ( It is advisable to write the subject email briefly)

Dear Mr/Ms/Mrs. Jansen, (Last Name)

The first paragraph should direct to the point introduction of the sender of the email. Be simple and to the point.
The second paragraph should be the up to date argue of writing the email. be to the point and prevent unimportant explanations. If you find the matter is too complicated or you want to have a discussion, try for the best solutions that is personal meeting as an good alternatives. Do not write emails too long. Prevent being sensitive and prevent any related to comments in personal. Think about that any information you write is recorded as proof for your actions in the future.

Finally end the letter with thanks.


Sender’s Name
ample signature

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