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Mr. Nicholas

Vaganza magazine,


Dear Sir,

This an example of mails which are seldom in daily life, because it could be as first time in a life time opportunity, therefore, you should pause before you continue to read this mail. Don’t be astonished if your following mail is an e-ticket on your name for a trip to Singapore.

the information is we have dealt with  you as a right candidate to win our vacation for two. Because you are the  usual readers of our magazine. We along with Natour Travel have handled a free tour to Singapore package just for our customer. Therefore, prepare your bags and available for an interesting holiday in future time.

your need is to execute of the following for our annual release is only $ 30 and you could be as the winner of the grand price. It is only subscribe and it is good opportunity to win the tickets for holiday.


Michael Lend,
Director of Vataya

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