How to prepare TOEFL examination with smart way.

Currently there are three kinds of TOEFL test. Namely Internet Based Test (this is the latest ), computer Based Test and Paper Based. The easiest of all to be able to get the high score is paper based. All Paper - Based TOEFL questions are Multiple Choice.

Here are the smart tips and techniques to prepare TOEFL examination 

.1. TOEFL cassettes that you've answered matter-because, remember to often play it; for example when you are again clean room, before bed, dreaming of boyfriend, etc. How to learn this is the most lazy way of learning that I have ever found!
Anyway, you just listen to your ears just get nervous.  It's up to you want to think or not.  If you want to think bit, try precisely to repeat the sentence or answers in the liver.  So, whose name was not only learn at the table studying. Sadly enough the fact that the friends who requested this book rarely heritage who intend to practice this way of learning.  Though this way of learning did not require a specific time.
So, the problem is not the teacher is wrong, but his students was wrong. 
.2. Try to often write in English. Quite simple, for example: your daily activities, goals, curriculum vitae, etc..  This is very helpful to master the TOEFL,.
.3. Although you have many TOEFL books, I recommend you only learn 1 piece of books as the primary textbook. Another book you may use, but only as a companion book only.
Why is that?  In this case, for me personally, explore the entire contents of a book unconsciously means also studied: the order of presentation of the book, whatever it is that the emphasis of the author, I think the author, and so forth. If I study the entire contents of the other books at the same time, can imagine how heavy burden for the mixes.
.4. Actually you only need to refer to the first question to you then just read the paragraph in question only. No need to read all paragraphs except if you have more time. You do not need to understand word by word in it as well and not to Guess the answer.this method is wrong techniques taught in the book is how can get the right answer. I did not know and a lot of time reading when I have to read that so many in a short time 
.5. I also have a book cassette TOEFL from BBC. Quite useful as an exercise, but not useful as a guidebook, because the theories is not given here, a direct question and answer explanations.  From the answers and explanations, especially in parts of Understanding TOEFL can we know the philosophy makers about the TOEFL.
       I got a sharing of my friends when I took the master in a foreign country. He said that his country is no place TOEFL courses are very popular.They can guarantee a high TOEFL results. But the course was not taught how to improve it but how can you pass that test.
Sharing my friend when he came first, although with a high TOEFL actually he still has " Lousy Language " So if you aim for high scores
TOEFL just learn the trick and more practice. 
That's all......
Success for your TOEFL examination OK....^'_'^

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