How to memorize the english vocabulary

Learning English is an easy lesson and very fun, when we already know, then, how many words in English that we must learn in a day? 

Here are the easy tips for memorizing the English vocabulary:

1.  Tips for Memorizing the adjective (adj )
In order for you easily memorize adjectives, things you must remember is the opposite.  For example, you memorize the word " beautiful " he said opposite is " bad ".  easy right?  beautiful versus ugly he said, rich versus poor he said.  so you will allow you to memorize.  Find 5 words and 5 as opposed to saying the word again.

2.  Memorizing Tips Verb (verb )
In order to facilitate you to memorize the verb in English, Let's begin to memorize the activities or the work you do daily or activities that exist around you.

3.  Memorizing Tips Noun (noun )
To make you memorize the noun, start from the contents of a bedroom, kitchen, living room, yard, school and so on.

The above tips, hopefully will help you if you do it in earnest. Begin to memorize 10 words a day.  You can open the dictionary to facilitate such a study. Good Luck of studying English vocabulary

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