A poem to my lovely Father

I  am suddenly want to write a poem in this lonely night to my lovely Father.

I imagine tears welling eyes meet
when you read these lines of love
the fruit of your heart 

there are some tear hanging in my soul
about to burst into the world to accompany an emotional feeling. 

Nothing I say today may
like yesterday, I could only silently
try to write a few words the phrase honor
you are now sitting watching the inspiration of God
possession of the bones of your parents

Will I be seeing my father as happy as bounce your heart sing
who want to take the highest level of human nature?
I stared at the shadow detail scratch your eyes water
is driven out of happiness
I tried to cover up the way to tears
are not able to withstand emotional
demanded a way out,
might want to be friends with your tears  

( Created by Hendra Agus )

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