Optimist vs Pessimist


I am sure you have heard the verse runs like this:

                     " Twist optimist and pessimist 
                            The Difference is doll  
                        The optimist sees the doughnut 
                            The pessimist, the hole 

                The longer, I live the more convinced I am of the truth of this
            poem. life is like a doughnut, may seem full, rich, and enjoyable
            or it may seem as empty as the hole in the middle. To pessimist
            seems foolish, but who is foolish - The one who sees the doughnut
            or The one who sees the hole?

                Somebody else pointed out the difference between optimist and
            pessimist this way: an optimist looks at an oyster and expects a pearl
            pessimist look at an oyster and expects ptomaine poisoning. Even if
            The pessimist is right, which I doubt, He probably, will not enjoy him self
            either before or alter he proves it. But optimist is happy and enjoyable
            because he always is expecting a pearl 

                 Pessimist are easy to recognized. They are the ones who go ground
            asking" What's good about it? when someone says "Good Morning." If
            they would look around, they would see something good, as did the optimistic
            merchant whose store was robbed. The day after the robbery a sympathetic
            friend asked about the loss."loss much?" He wanted to know. Some, said
            the merchant, but then it would have been worse if the robbers had got in the night
            before. you see, yesterday I just finished marking everything down 20 percent. 

  Therefore, give in to optimist, Don't fight it remember the doughnut and as Elber Hubbard's advise:

                                 As you travel on through life, Brother,
                                       whatever be your goal,
                                  keep your eye upon the doughnut 
                                       and not upon the hole







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