Semarang is my lovely hometown

The city of Semarang is the capital city of Central Java province. It is located on the North Coast Line ( northern ) island of Java.  Semarang city that has a slogan of Semarang City ATLAS ( Safe, Orderly, Current, Asri and Healthy ) is geographically divided into two namely Semarang and Semarang Top Down.  Here are 7 photos choices that might describe a little about the condition of Semarang and a small gift for the city where I live now is on today ( 2 / 5 ) exactly 463 years old. Semarang is also my hometown.

Airport ( Airport ), Ahmad Yani, is located on the north side of the roundabout Kalibanteng Semarang city is the entrance to the city of Semarang by using modes of transport aircraft.  Ahmad Yani Airport, managed by PT.  Angkasa Pura I since October 1, 1995.  At first, Ahmad Yani Airport was the Army Air Base.

Central Java Grand Mosque ( MAJT ) is a mosque community pride of Central Java province which is located in Jalan Gajah Raya Semarang.  MAJT directly inaugurated by President Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono on 14 November 2006 has 6 electric giant umbrella to shade the MAJT page automatically.  Also in MAJT also contained Al Husna tower with a height reached 99 meters.  From the top of the tower Al Husna can enjoy views of the city of Semarang.

Lawang Sewu, It is located at Tugu Muda Semarang is the former office of PT Kereta Api Indonesia ( KAI ).  The building is quite magnificent is better known as Sewu Lawang because it has a lot of doors, Lawang in Javanese language means the door and Sewu in Javanese language means a thousand.  Even so, in fact, the number of doors that exist in Lawang Sewu not reach a thousand.  Lawang Sewu which has space underground, including ancient or historic buildings in the city of Semarang, which should be protected.

Semarang Culinary Center  It is located on Pandanaran along Semarang.  Along the way it can find shops and stalls selling various foods of Semarang, ranging from Milkfish presto, wingko tripe, spring rolls, tofu dreadlocks and various other dishes that can be used as souvenirs for people outside the city who visited the city of Semarang.  By region - by Typical Semarang usually crowded on weekends and during public holidays, and especially during Eid al -Fitr holiday.


 Marina Beach, which is located in the northern city of Semarang is one of the coastal tourist attraction in the city of Semarang, which can be used as an alternative destination to spend the weekend together with family, relatives and close friends.  Visitor attractions Marina Beach is usually dominated by young couples who want to spend time mingle together.  Shade trees located on the right and left side of the road to the beach provides a comfortable atmosphere and cool.
Great Railway Station Tawang Semarang. It is located in Old Town Area city of Semarang is one of the existing railway station in the city of Semarang. Great Railway Station Tawang Semarang train service and business executives. 

                       I really love my hometown as I love my family either  ^'_'^

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