The Effective Ways to Improve Your Reading Skills

      Language is a communication tool, The purpose of reading is to connect the ideas on the page to what you already know. By improving your reading skills is an essential way in widening your English learning capacity.Here are some effective suggestions for you to start of  improving your reading skills as follows:      

1.  Look for and start with the books are simple and easy to understand. Such as: story books in basic level, or English textbooks are made ​​for children and beginners.

2.  We began to train the ability to read simple materials, make sure you read actively. Read by actively means you are not just reading, but as I remember and understand words and sentence structure contained in the English reading material.

3.  Start practicing with a simple reading material, much better than just try to read something that makes you confused. and when you start to feel comfortable with simple reading, you can begin to improve the ability to search for a more complicated type of reading, step by step.

4.  Reading books that are made for children, are generally designed based on the degree of difficulty. Thus, by using textbooks such as English language training materials, you can know easily at the level where your current ability.
5.  The effective way to explore your vocabulary is by using a dictionary regularly. You might carry a pocket dictionary and use it to look up new words. Or, you can make a list of new words. Try to concentrate on suffixes, prefixes and roots. 

6   You don’t need to read full of story, just focus on the main idea only in passage because not every magazine, letter, and email you receive contains information you need. Generally, They contains spam, you have to delete or ignorance it.

 7.  The more you read from many source articles and the better you will get after you finish reading it. Because you can get knowledge, information and so on.

 8.  Just reading a book once is not enough. To develop a deeper understanding, you have to highlight, summarize and review important ideas.

 Finally, Good luck for you in improving your reading skills.

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