How to improve your English writing skill?

Making writing in a foreign language is an analytical skill. You can master the writing skills to read if you use your logic and look at the sentence by sentence. Train yourself to notice and remember details of writing such as accent and gender distinctions ( in English such as his or her). 

 Here are the best way to improve your english writing skills:
  1.     Give your full attention to detail: note the accent, the sequence of letters, etc.Compare the different forms of letter by letter (singular, plural, gender, etc. ). Write conjugate verbs,pronouns, etc., and checks the suffix. Memorize irregular verbs.
  2.     To master spelling, ask your friends to say 10 words to you. Then write these words and ask your friends to spell the words as you see each letter in the word you write. Repeat until all the words correctly.
  3.     Write down and practice writing sentences using your own words and this method will help to build your vocabulary. 
   To learn a language you need to hear, listen, speak and read it. It has to be a concerted effort and pursued all the time. You mustn't be self conscious about making mistakes, everybody does. You must read English publications, newspaper,  or a certain amount of loud reading to yourself will help. Try and read easy texts to start with and then graduate to more difficult ones. Hear proper English being spoken  (English news) and listen carefully to the way the words are pronounced, the stressed vowels. An hour later or more after studying grammar would help either. Just learning vocabulary without context will be of little or no help

To do on above, you have to be patient, don't give up, and don't be afraid make mistake. It takes time to learn language.  Hopefully, by practicing these tips your English writing skill becomes improving.

 “Stop Dreaming and Start Action

 That’s all and good luck.   

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