How to calculate the score of the TOEFL Test

Before learning and participating TOEFL test, It is better for you to know how to calculate the score of the TOEFL Test. Many of us feel difficult to achieve a TOEFL score of 450. Actually, how to calculate the score of the TOEFL test? Maybe we need to understand at a glance on how the calculation of a TOEFL score. They are 2 types of TOEFL test that is CBT (Computer Based Test) using of computer media in the implementation of the TOEFL test and PBT ( Paper Based Test ) exams using paper media in TOEFL test. CBT test is consists of four tests they are: Reading, Listening, Speaking and Written expression. and meanwhile, PBT test only consists of Reading comprehension, Listening comprehension, and structure or written expression.

For further explanation, let's see the example of following TOEFL calculation:

Section 1 (Listening Comprehension)

    Correct answer                 Converted score

              29                                      50

  Section 2 (Structure and Written Expression)

    Correct answer                 Converted score

             26                                        50

     Section 3 (Reading Comprehension)

      Correct answer               Converted score

              33                                       50

2.  Sum up all converted score (Section 1,2,3).

50  +  50  +  50  =   150

3. Then the result of addition is divided by 3

150  :  3  =  50 

The result of division is multiplied by 10

50  X  10  = 500

So, Here is the TOEFL Score is 500 

Look at the following outline:)  

50 + 50 +50  = 150   =50
      3                   3      

50 X 10 = 500 ( here is your score of TOEFL)

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