How to write a Business letter through email?

Recently business correspondence via the Internet has become common things. Even recently there are many successful business transactions using internet as the main media to support of their business correspondence. Each letter has a function and purpose of its own. In addition to the functions and purposes, there are many things to consider in the writing business correspondence.To companies, sending by email will reduce the amount of cover letter in paper form should they receive and file. In addition, it is easier for companies to send you a reply letter of application form email to the applicants. Meanwhile to the applicants, By writing e-mail will help them to submit an application quickly. If you send a resume to many companies, you can easily copy your previous e-mail application and customize it. I will discuss and give you some tips how to write business through email.

Picture of writing a business letter via email.

Here are some effective tips and tricks to write business through email.

1.  Title of Email

     The title should help your email recipients to immediately know the intent of your email.  Therefore write down the title of a clear but brief.  For example, you can write the following "Application for the position of Hotel Manager."

     Note: Read the fine job advertisements it.  Often they ask you to write specific code in the title or subject of your email.  Especially if at the same time they have some vacancy jobs.

2.  Where is the best position of writing business?
  Does the application is written in the email body or in a separate file.  Based on the general range of companies engaged in recruiting both national and multinational companies.Remember generally a letter of application (cover letter) can be directly written on the body of the email (in the email).

3.  How to Resume?
     Do not write your resume in the email body.  Write in a separate file and make it as an attachment (attach) to your email and It is easy identified by Recipient ( Human Resources Department).

4.  Type of Sent Attachment

      Generally, companies will write down on its job advertisement or vacancy advertisement, the type of file that you can send.  Although they generally require MS Word file, sometimes they allow you to send files formatted pdf or xls or txt.  If not mentioned, please send your resume in MS Word file (. Doc).

5.  E-mail size

     Keep the size of your email, including attachments (attach) does not exceed 300 Kb.  Email size is mainly influenced by the size of files that are attached (attached).  Therefore check you attach large files.  If you are asked to include a photo, please do not enter a file photo of his size (weight file) is too large.  Minimize the size of e-mail  by using various types of photo editor program.

6.  How to write the form of ZIP code

     Form of the zip file is a compressed file format and is now commonly done.  Even many companies that have requested that the files are attached (in attach) to put together in a zip file.  So in addition to its size (the size of the file) into smaller / lighter, also the number of files sent (in attach) to only one file.  This the company facilities in documenting and sorting the files of applicants.

7.  Too big attach file Will be ignored
     Can you imagine yourself, if you receive files in email size is large, eg up to more than 1 MB. Surely you're too lazy to open it (download it).  Likewise, companies that receive e-mail your job application. If the attached file is too large, the company will automatically lazy to open / download the file your shipment.  In other words, you have failed only on the problem of email delivery only.  So follow the tips on number 5 above.

8.  Testing your Email delivery
     To cover letter sent via email, in addition to proof read, you also need to do a trial shipment.  Do this step by emailing your application, complete with its attachment to another email address.  Of course, these experiments do not send an email to the email the company you want to go.

     By testing first, then you can see for themselves the results of your email delivery.  To then carried out repairs when needed. The email delivery test is very necessary. Because often you send e-mail format changed after I got another email address.Suppose send emails from Yahoo to Gmail, or send each other.

Hopefully by reading this article can help you in writing business letter through e-mail and you are able to demonstrate how to write business through email.

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