How to write Sucessful Application in English?

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Most of us do not have basic knowledge in writing a resume and application would even ' sloppy '. Whereas in America, there are even people who work specifically to make an application letter! Why is that? You see, the cover letter is where it can be a vital part. how much interest we read of the work we are applying. And how deep is the quality of competent in ourselves to occupy that position.

Generally, job application can be created in two ways:

    1.  Job application is merged with a curriculum vitae (resume, curriculum vitae).  In this model, life history, including the contents of the letter.  Because the contents of the joint, this model is also called the combined model
    2.  A cover letter that is separated from the history of life.  In this model of curriculum vitae is attached.  Therefore this model is also called a separate model.  Separate models are more widely used.  Although in its manufacture requires twice the work, but the cover letter of this model is more popular with job seekers because the letter is not long.

The contents cover letter should be short, solid, straightforward, direct on the matter.
Put forward is that all the things required by the relevant job vacancies.

 Here are the tips to make you successful to write application:

1.  Personal data of applicants that includes:

     * Full Name
     * Place and Date of Birth
     * Address
     * Phone and / or Hand Phone
     * E-mail address (if applicable, not required)
     * Marital Status

     Especially for a phone number or numbers of the HP mentioned above, do not forget to write it.  Because the company receiving your application will be directly and quickly contact you.
     If you do not have a Phone / HP, then use the Phone / Mobile of neighbor / family / colleagues.
     This seems trivial but VERY IMPORTANT, especially for companies that actually requires only the addition of one or several employees only.

2.  Education

     * Formal education for example: Elementary School/Junior High School/Senior High School/Academy/S1, etc..
     * Non-formal education for example: courses or training have been followed

3.  Working Experience

     * If you already have work experience, mentioned in a letter of application, whether in accordance with the proposed position or in other fields.  If you have never worked should mention the ability for the proposed position based on the ability they have it.

4.  Appendices on Application
     Appendices are everything that is included in application itself  with a view to reinforce or strengthen the letter for consideration for the business entity or agency that offers job.

     Enclosure in letter of job application are:

     * Curriculum Vitae or CV (Curriculum Vitae) or Resume
     * Copy of last education certificate
     * Copy of certificate of courses / training
     * Pas latest photos
     * Health Certificate from the Doctor (not mandatory, but if there are, the better)

If you already understand tips on making job application letter on above. Your application letter you get immediate response. And it makes you do it very easily, especially for the first time making job application.

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