Why my English Ability not being increasing?

The English language
I have studied English lesson since in Elementary school, but why English Ability Growing Less? What is wrong with me? This question may often undermine your thoughts if your English is still stuck in there and not being increased.
If so your question then you still need to be grateful that the presence of such a question, in your chest is still there to be seething. You just keep on Trying! Although English is complex.  ( because a lot of vocabularies, pronunciation is not consistent, many exceptions, etc. If others can why do not you? Do you need to be analyzed now is what is wrong, whether the method, the level of seriousness, or perhaps for other reasons?Once known cause, then later sought a solution. In my opinion, the main cause of why the ability to speak English is difficult to increase only 3 reasons.

3 Causes my English Ability becomes improving hard.

1.English language learning methods that are less precise. If you rely solely on the memorized.
2. Motivation is not consistent. For students, the motivation to learn English in general because they want to get good grades. That is, the time to learn English just want to test, and after the test finished his book already settled somewhere.
3. When using the English language, either by speaking and writing, we generally partition our brains into two, namely a partition of A for the Indonesian language and partition B for English. First sentence is made first in the partition A, then exported to partition B to translate before finally expressed through speaking or writing. The effect is a pattern or grammar is lousy, lousy studied since junior high school was forgotten because the partition B is too busy translation verbatim made ​​in partition A. And, because the sentence  becomes confusing language and the unstructured, Consequently, the partition B often hangs ( stuck ), and no output is generated. If any partition B successfully removing the output, the output is generally far from the standard, the bad English. Additionally, the speaker usually eaten mosquitoes had fallen asleep because eventually wait.

So, what are the best solutions? 

Here are the following best solutions to increase your English ability.

Keep your motivation steadily high.

With high motivation, you will feel enjoy ( do not feel forced ) to spend countless hours reading or memorizing grammar, open the dictionary, and practice English. If you quickly feel bored, it means you are not yet high enough motivation. If I had, just an example, motivation is high because I really wanted to free school abroad. Then, what is your motivation to learn English?
Because English is very complex, of course it takes time to learn it. Many of our friends gave up in the middle of the road due to lack of patience, too want to arrive at the finish line in a short time. my advice is don’t be too ambiguous to touch the finish line in a very short time.This addition will make your grammar foundation is not solid, it can also break your motivation. just relax.

Use good learning media that fit you. 

Learn the appropriate media depending on a person's character and lifestyle. The media is right for others is not necessarily right for you, and vice versa. Here is the media that you can try

1. Do not use a dictionary that only contains the meaning of words.
Let's see three examples of the following sentences, which most likely caused by use of the dictionary.  Generally, It has wrong meaning.

  • You must can
  • Three people ploughed the airplane 
  • The month goes round the earth. 
2. If you like to listen to western songs then keep doing sound if you can not catch him,  lyrics, looking on the internet. Here are the benefits of listening to songs in English,
3. If you like watching a DVD, then watch DVD movies. Sub -title of the DVD movies that will help you how to pronounce certain words. Choose the best movies you think so you do not feel bored for her around anymore.
4. Try to use chatting, email, or whatever that uses English.

Practice makes perfect.
Could be due to regular, used to do of course, not just a dream to do it ( dreaming ) it is a must.. Hopefully, These solutions are useful and precise for you.

That’s all and good luck.

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