How to Telephone In English For Certain Your Business

If you are like most people who were told to call a foreigner and have to speak English and to feel nervous or do not know what to say? Basically, talking on the phone in English not as difficult as you think. Check out these tips so that you no longer feel nervous when I had to speak English on the phone.

Let's Start all telephone conversation by introducing yourself, for an example" “Hello, this is Daniel Santoso.”If you answer the phone and the caller did not introduce himself, you can ask:“May I ask who’s calling, please?”

Ask to speak with someone / Ask something politely.
If you are calling to speak with certain people, then you can ask:“May I speak to Mr. John Smith, please?”.
If you have a destination number or extension number, but did not know the name of the intended person, then you can ask: “Could I have extension number 123?”
But, if you call with a specific purpose, then the appropriate sentence is to convey your meaning clearly. for example: “I’m calling to make a reservation.” Or “I’m calling to book a ticket.”

Connect or hold phone with others.
Phone language in English to "wait a minute " is "please hold". At times you will be connected to other extensions, you'll usually hear: " Connecting your call... " or " Please hold, I'll transfer you... " You could say the same thing if you have to connect your phone to others.

leave a message.
By the time the person you phone do not have in place, be prepared to leave a message. To leave a message, you can use the voice mail system ( digital voice recorder ) or an answering machine ( answering machine that records messages on cassette ). If you talk to the operator, then they will usually ask:
" Would you like to leave a message? ". Or you can ask directly:
" May I leave a message? "
Do not forget to leave a phone number if you want to be contacted again.

Remember to record the conversation.
If you are nervous about the call in English, very helpful to prepare a record. Write down briefly what you want to say. You can use it to manage your existing thought, and as a guide when you feel confused when you call.

Always be polite even if anyone can not see you.
It's important to listen polite on the phone. Use words like, ' please' and ' Could you ' when asking for something. Remember to always end the conversation with ' Thank you ' and ' Goodbye '!

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