Best Sample for Invitation letter for Birthday Party

Picture: Invitation Letter for Birthday Party

The Magenta Team
Rasuna Building Tower
Jakarta Barat

Date: 17th April, 2011

Subject: Inviting all for the 30th birthday celebration of our Chief Housekeeper Officer

Hello all,
Greetings from the Magenta management team. Coming 25th April, 2011 we are going to celebrate the birthday of our Chief Housekeeper Officer, Mr. Nicholas Jones.

We have set up a dinner party at the Patra Ballroom to celebrate the birthday. So there will be a dancer show with some imaginative performance to make it colorful to the event. We would like to take part this nice opportunity to invite all our Magenta team and associates to gather and come on time and make the event a great success. The exact released schedule will me mailed to you just days before the event.
We are still looking forward to your attention and enthusiastic in the birthday celebration party.

Thanks and regards,

Magenta Management and Team.

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