How to Write Innovative Job Applications by Email?

What is Email ?

E - mail is an Electronic Mail that correspondence on line in the Internet. E - mail is widely used for reasons easily and quickly sent to the destination. E - mail does not require paper or stamps, but simply typing through the keyboard and within seconds after being sent, the letter will reach destination despite receiving thousands of kilometers distance, without the limitation of space and time.

With the development of Internet network that is so rapidly, an email now not only usually to be sent in texts formats  email. but also we can send in music, picture, or even submit an application or files to someone who would also have an email ( electronic mail ) in a very short time.

Because emails use the Internet network, the address is also customized the email service providers on the internet. Examples of email service provider is,, etc.Email provider usually provides two services, namely the paid and free services.

More companies that allow the prospective employee to submit their documents via email. This is certainly beneficial for both companies and applicants. For companies, this will reduce the amount of cover letter in paper form should they receive and file. In addition, it is easier for companies to forward a cover letter - shaped mail to the user.

For prospective employees, this will help them to submit an application quickly. If you send your resume to many companies, you can easily copy your previous email application and customize it.

Of course all the general tips on writing a cover letter still needs to be followed.

1.  Email Title

The title of your email must help the recipient to immediately know the purpose of your email. Therefore write down the titles are clear but brief. For example, you can write it as follows " Application for the position of Marketing Manager ".

Note: Read the fine job advertisements it. Often they ask you to write specific code in the title or subject of your email. Especially if at the same time they have some jobs.

2. Where is application letter written?

We are often confused whether to write in the email body or in a separate file. According to my friend who works in the field of recruiting , you can write a letter of application (cover letter) in the body of your email. That is, companies will still receive your cover letter properly. My experience, there has never been a company that refused to cover the letter written in the email body.

3. How about Resume?

Do not write your resume in the body of the email. Write in a separate file and use as your email attachments.

4. Word, PDF, or Text?

Usually the company will write the job ad file types that you can send. Although they generally require MS Word file, sometimes they allow you to send a pdf file format. If not mentioned, please send your resume in MS Word file ( Doc ).

Text file ( extension. Txt ) is better not used because at the time sent by email, sometimes the file appears in the email body. This is especially if you use a free email on the Web, such as Yahoo!, Gmail, or Hotmail.

5. Email Size

Keep the size of your email does not exceed 300 kb. Email size is mainly influenced by the size of files that are attached. Therefore check the file that you attach. If you are asked to include a photo, do not enter the photo files are too large. Minimize the size, by using different types of photo editor program.

6. Email Signature

Email signature is text that is written automatically by your email provider. These signatures can be your own program, or part of the ad for email service provider. The existence of these signatures to reduce the professional impression on your application.

Free webmail such as Yahoo! and Hotmail automatically adds this signature on all emails they send. While Gmail does not. This is the first reason I chose Gmail to send my resume - application.

7. Sending Test 

For the cover letter sent by email, in addition to prove it is readable, you also need to do a test shipment. Do this by sending an email to your application, complete with its attachment to another email. Of course, these experiments do not send email to the company you want to go. Send to another email address that you have. If you only have one email address, you can create a new email address at Yahoo!, Gmail, or Hotmail.

What is the importance of this step?  I often send the email format that is changed in format after I got another email address. When sending emails to Yahoo! to Gmail, I noticed my email space changes from one to two. But instead, emails that I send from Gmail to Yahoo! does not change its format.

Hopefully by reading this article can help you in writing innovative job applications by Email

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