Innovate Sponsorship Letter Template

Sponsorship letter is really important in many events, where you require some financial assistance from companies and other financial institutional to assist you to increase your needs . For example, if you are running a laundry business and you want to improve its business, then you approach any companies for assist you. Here are the following example of the template of sponsorship letter shown below:



Name of the person,

Designation of the person office,

Address of office.


Dear sir or madam,

I am Nick from Vaganza Laundry in Canada. You might already known about our laundry. Our laundry service has opened for almost 2 years. I write this letter to you to inform that our laundry wants to make corporation to you. 

we decided to improve laundry business, we will add some laundry machines. In order to spread our promoting our facilities, we need financial assistance from good company like you, who always support and promote laundry business.

I enclosed a detailed report of financial we need. So, kindly we look forward to your reply and help us to develop our business.

Thanking you,

Yours sincerely,


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