Tabulated Enquiry For Information

Tabulated Enquiry For Information

Picture: Tabulated Enquiry For Information

18th August 2010

Dear Sirs

During a recent visit to thJ’dea1 Home Exhibition I saw a sample of your plastic tile flooring. This type of flooring would, I think, be suitable for the ground floor of my house, but I have not been able to find anyone who is familiar with it. Would you please give me the following information:

(1) What special preparation would be necessary for the under—flooring?
(2) In what colors and designs can the tiles be supplied?
(3) Are the tiles likely to be affected by rising damp?
(4) Would it be necessary to employ a specialist to lay the floor and, if so, can you recommend one?

I shall appreciate your answers to these questions.

Yours faithfully,

Jonas Richard

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