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21st  March 2010

Dear Sir
How would you like to have solar heating installed in your home at half actual cost? As part of our research and development scheme introduced two years ago we are about to make our selection of a number of properties15 throughout the country as “Research Homes”, and yours could be one of them.

The information received from selected “Research Homes” in the past two years has proved that solar heating is successful even in the most northern parts of the United Kingdom. It has also enabled us to modify16 and improve our designs, and this we are trying to do still further.

If our Research Department does select your home as one of the properties to be included in our research scheme it would bear half the actual cost of installation.

Our scheme covers all types of property and if you are interested in helping our research programme in return for a solar heating system at half the cost, please complete and return the enclosed form not later than the end of this month. Within three weeks of receiving it we will inform you whether or not your home is one of those select ed for the scheme.

Yours faithfully

Michael Simmons

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